Kent Springborn Jr.

Throughout this semester, Dennis Ryan’s  class has been preparing for a competition. Each fall, Ryan has his Graphic Design 2 class participate in a business competition to gain an understanding of developing a business concept, product, or service.

The annual business competition, part of NEO LaunchNET’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, will be held on Nov. 16. Students that wished to participate in the competition have worked to create a name for their team, develop a business concept, and prepare a presentation for the competition’s judges.

This semester, Ryan’s class is split into two teams. The first team is ‘One Bucket’ and its members include Madison Carr, Delia Blackburn, Rachel Toth, Joe Gill, and Edwin Gonzalez. The second team is ‘Iconic Design’ and its members include Ryan Corrigan, Jennifer Hartman, Genesis Rivera, Keisha McClellon, Justin Carrion, Brandon Linna, and Joan Samkow.

Since the teams are doing this as part of a class assignment, they’ve been working on their presentations for several weeks. “The job was to be able to create a business and present the idea, concept, financials, and materials for consideration,” said Ryan, “After the in-class presentation, the groups will refine their ideas for the competition.” The teams have also been working on their group dynamics, public speaking skills, and presentation skills.

Both groups have been faced with struggles while working on their respective projects. For most, it’s their first time being faced with a group dynamic and their first time dealing with teamwork, leadership responsibilities, preparing the project, and presenting as a group. One of the major challenges that both groups have had to face is having to be prepared for a deadline that is set in stone.

Despite this, both groups should be prepared for the competition. “It depends on the amount of work that was done to get everything ready for the competition,” Ryan said. Members of ‘One Bucket’ are confident that they are prepared for the competition while members of ‘Iconic Design’ are a bit apprehensive on how prepared they are.

The main thing that Ryan suggested that the students entering the competition should do to better prepare for it is to “practice, practice, practice.”

NEO LaunchNET’s Global Entrepreneurship Week started on Nov. 14 and will conclude on Nov. 16.