Chase Raymond

JRNM 151

It’s that time of year again, sports fans, to get your fantasy teams together.

Fantasy football is a great way to enjoy the game. Ten years ago, owners would draft their players and, except for trades or drops,  would be stuck with those players for the weeks to come.

But FanDuel has changed the game. Fanduel is similar to regular Fantasy Football, but owners make a new lineup with new players every week. The stakes are much higher each week and if something goes wrong, one can completely restart the next week and take a shot at winning

Many fantasy sports fans play both, but which is the most popular? According to Google, 33 million people played ESPN Fantasy Football last year, only 1.5 million played Fanduel. Tyler Szlempa, a nursing major at Lorain County Community College and longtime Fantasy League Owner, says that he prefers Fantasy over Fanduel.

“I like being committed and managing my team for the whole season, it’s easier to brag about your win when you know the people you are playing,” Szlempa said. Much like his son,  Tyler’s father Joe Szlempa follows along the same trail. “Nothing is better than holding the draft party, and making your picks, then seeing the look on their faces when you destroy them.”

The major difference with Fanduel and Fantasy Football is the payout. Fanduel has leagues where you put in a lot of money, but can win even more with an immediate payout. In Fantasy Football, league owners usually pay a certain amount to get into the league and after 16 long weeks the top couple teams get a nice payout. That makes all the difference to Steve Balog. “With Fanduel your payout is immediate and I have a chance to win way more money. I can put that right back into my drafts,” Balog said.  

There are many different ways to look the two leagues. Season ending injuries that will ruin your lineup, and plenty of friendly ribbing to your friends are all included in sixteen long regular-season weeks.

There can only be so many winners, hopefully you get lucky enough to be one.