Renee McAdow

JRNM 151

The theater has been captivating audiences for centuries, its actors putting on performances both tragic and comedic. They have the power to make their audiences cry and to make them laugh with just their words. The theater program at LCCC does much the same, bringing new and intriguing shows to the Cirigliano Studio Theater.

On Oct. 15, actress and playwright, Joanna Rush, and director Lynne Taylor-Corbett will be working with LCCC theater students and professional actors to put on a staged reading and world premiere of Rush’s newest play “Accidental Mummies”. The show deals with change and how a young woman copes with it after everything in her life begins to change in an effort to be more sustainable. This final workshop will be free and open to the public.
“This entire residency is being made possible by a campus grant from the LCCC Foundation and contributions from the Beth K. Stocker trust. We’ve received great funding from both these subsidies of the college,”said Jeremy Benjamin, LCCC Director of Theater.

“[“Ubi Roi”] is going to be a very challenging show, it’s a great example of type of theater called surrealist theater,” Benjamin explained. “So it’s going to be very strange to a lot of our audience members, it’s going to be a lot of fun. It’ll be thought provoking. It’s going to be very challenging for the actors to play the roles, so it’s going to be a great learning experience for anyone involved in the production,” he said.

“Ubu Roi” is vastly different from Shakespearian shows and other more modern American productions gracing stages across the country. The show is filled with political caricatures, ranking with some of the most powerful and original of burlesques. It deals with the cruelty of despots and the idiocracy of the human condition. “Ubu Roi” will be performed in the Cirigliano Studio Theater from Nov. 17-19. All showings will be at 8:00p.m., and tickets will be $9 dollars for adults, $8 dollars for seniors, LCCC faculty and staff, students, and children 18 and under.

The third and final major event of the year is a door-slamming farce called “Exit the Body”. A mystery writer rents out a house in New England that happens to be the rendezvous point for a few jewel thieves as well. The set’s focal point is the closet which opens into the living room and a library, leading to many exits and entrances and all around chaos.

“It’s all about mistaken identities and a lot of the play takes place in the dark. There’s a lot of characters who are sneaking on and sneaking off,” Benjamin said.

“Exit the Body” will also be performed in the Cirigliano Studio Theater from April 27 through the 29 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets will be $9 dollars for adults, $8 dollars for seniors, LCCC faculty and staff, students, and children 18 and under.