LCCC’s international students on strange American phrases or customs

Rebecca Marion

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Vivian Shin, South Korea Graphic Design

Vivian Shin, South Korea
Graphic Design


Ruwaidah: “When we came here, I was working at McDonald’s, and people speak fast. So, sometimes I do not understand anything and they have to repeat for me slowly. But now I can understand them. I understand almost everything.


Vivian: “I think the culture is very different.” The people in the states are so kind. When I walk around most people said ‘oh, your earrings are so [nice]. It’s so different in Korea. Most people don’t say anything. America is a big

Tony Barhoom, Lebanon Mechanical Engineer

Tony Barhoom, Lebanon
Mechanical Engineer

country and each state has its own style. I like America because I can wear [my] unique style.”

Ruwaidah: “People here have more freedom. They can live together, but in my culture, in Lebanon, we can’t kiss someone if you’re not married. Here, you can [get] divorced. But in our culture, the church doesn’t give us the choice.

Elisa Batista, France Business Administration

Elisa Batista, France
Business Administration

Elisa: “It’s difficult to have American friends. I know when I speak with American guys, they are very nice to me, but they’re not friends. I think it’s very difficult to have American friends because nobody in class speaks [with each other]. It’s very strange because all people are very cool, but at the same time. We aren’t friends. Here everyone opens the door when you arrive. When people come to class, they don’t say hello to the teacher. Its very strange because the basic polite things in France aren’t the same as here.”


Ruwaidah: “Here the weather is different sometime it rains, sometimes it’s hot. In my country we have four seasons.”


Elisa: “Here, all things are bigger and you can eat all the time. Restaurants are open all night. There is fast food everywhere. It’s strange you can get french fries everyday.”

Arham:“The Starbucks’ sizes, they call it tall. That’s weird. In my country it’s not what they say. But over here, a large coke, it’s hug. In my country the large is the same as a small over here. Everything’s the opposite.”


Elisa: “In France we don’t have the same structure of University because here you take all courses you want. You have a major where you take course. If your major is business you can take also

Arham Shahab Pakistan Accounting Major

Arham Shahab Pakistan Accounting Major

Ruwaidah Barhoom, Lebanon Ultrasound Tech

Ruwaidah Barhoom,
Ultrasound Tech

photography, in France it’s not like that. I can’t choose my course. I just chose my major.”

“In France university is free you just pay for the paper you use. It’s expensive here because we don’t pay for education.”

“Books here are very strange for me because in France in university we don’t have text books. The teachers creates exercises for you and I think it’s better because you learn the logic from the teacher.”


Arham : Over there we measure the weather in Celsius; over here, it’s in Fahrenheit. Even at the gym when you go to work out over there everything’s in Kg and over here it’s in pounds so you need to convert it into your calculator first.”