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While Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are out on the campaign trail working to secure their voting base, a different campaign is being waged a bit closer to home. Ohio is a battleground state, and the most important one for Trump because no Republican nominees had been elected to the White House without winning the state.

Out of 32 students interviewed on Aug. 24 on campus, 12 students would not participate in this election. Ten students said they would vote for Trump whereas nine said they would vote for his challenger Hillary. One student hopes to vote for a third party candidate.

If Lorain County Community College students’ reaction is an indication, both Trump and Hillary are not Ohio’s favorite candidates. Many people are struggling with their choice of candidates.

The vanishing voters

Stephanie Feurst, a junior Middle Childhood Education major at Lorain County Community College, has no plans to vote for either Clinton, orTrump. I don’t care enough about politics or either of the candidates to vote this year,” Feurst said. “Neither of them are good choices for the presidency and I don’t want to vote for either of them.”

Sam Bednar voted for John Kasich in the Republican primaries. “I liked his policies while he was governor,” said Bednar, a computer information systems major. “I just felt right about him.” However, Bednar is not enthusiastic about Trump and Clinton.

Psychology major Benjamin Colon is another student disenchanted with both candidates. He said this election campaign has failed to show us a democratic process that works. He is also upset about the mishandling of classified information by Clinton and that she has failed to prove herself. “We have too many clowns already in government,” Colon cited as his reason not to vote for Trump either. Colon believes that we need someone who not only speaks about change, but someone who is actively making those changes.

Accounting major Christina Wilson won’t participate in the election either.” Both candidates are more interested in money and title than the presidential issues at hand,” she said.

Trusting in Trump

Law Enforcement major Jonathan Rovere isn’t pleased with either candidate, but he has made his decision. “I’m voting for Trump,” he said. “He’s the lesser of two evils, but overall I feel this is a bad election year.” Mark Goldauskas, a computer science major, feels exactly the same way. “Trump is the lesser of two evils,” he said.

Tiffany Skrzypek, a business forensics investigation major, favors Trump. “He seems real. All of his joking aside, I feel that he genuinely wants to help people.” Tiffany gives the recent example of Trump visiting the flood-damaged parts of Louisiana to support this belief. “I believe he is a smart businessman,” Skrypek said. “It doesn’t matter if something has failed with him or the business he has had. I think people don’t like Trump because he is different and tells it how it is,” she continued. “He is very outspoken and what he says isn’t scripted role of how someone should act and I love that.”

Sophomore Joshua Hass will be voting in his first presidential election and will be supporting Trump. He is disillusioned with the way politicians have been conducting business in Washington, D.C., and sees Trump as an alternative. While some view Trump’s comments as brazen or crass, Hass views Trump’s unapologetic comments with admiration “Not everyone will agree with every candidate, but I can appreciate and respect Trump’s lack of political correctness in a world where everyone is easily offended,” Hass said. “He speaks his mind and is not afraid to say anything, and that is something I think is really strong in a candidate.” 

Cheering for Clinton

“Trump is just going to get our country into lots of trouble,”said journalism major, Aaron Liles. Hailey Blankenship, who is majoring in physical therapy, echoed similar views. “I don’t like how Trump establishes his viewpoints,” she said.

Student Uriah Jackson said that he would be voting for Clinton on Nov. 8 because she has the most qualifying experiences out of all the candidates and he supports Hillary’s ideas and where she wants to take this country.  Jackson, who is majoring in social work, is intrigued by the fact that we have not yet had a presidential candidate who has been married to another former president before. Jackson added that Trump would not lead this country in the right direction and that would be very bad for us. In the beginning of this election process, Jackson said that he was worried about where things were heading, but now he feels confident now that the dust has settled and the major candidates have emerged.

“I’d go with Hillary, but I don’t like either of them,” said business major, James Bellamy.

Freshman Ariana Vargas agreed. “They both suck but I’m probably voting Hillary. She at least knows something about the White House. She supposedly lied yes, but you’re telling me everything Trump has done has been truthful and honest?” Vargas added. “I think Hillary is the better of the two evils and she might actually be able to do some good as president.”

Health science major Emilee Ratti voiced her support for Clinton. “[She is] the lesser of two evils [compared to Trump].”

Radiology student Gabby Senegal supports Democrats just as her parents have advised her to. “I don’t like Hillary, but I really don’t like Trump, so I am voting democratic,” she said.

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