I have a really big issue with the fact that we find it more important to ban smoking on campus or do stories about students having weight related issues on campus. When we have people who are not showing up to class anymore because they are dead due to an overdose of heroin or they are checking in and out of rehabs because they are affected by a disease known as alcoholism.

In your latest issue, there is a large article all about mental health and the crisis on campus, yet not a single mention of the CARE Center that is located on campus. Are you even aware of this center?

How about the realities of the addiction? How about the mention that the rates of accidental overdoses have officially surpassed that of automobile accident and that individuals are dying at the rate of 5 Ohioans a day? That is an increase of 366% in the last 10 years. Don’t you feel that something should be said to this? One of our fellow student’s mother found him dead in his bedroom last week and is saying her final goodbyes to her 27-year-old son tomorrow, (April 19), but yet we worry more of smoking on an open campus or a silly scavenger hunt that is happening on campus.

Priorities on this campus are not where they should be focused, and that is a shame. People are dying, their family members are dying and something needs to be done.  Just the thoughts of a very pissed off member of campus, who is ready to make his voice be heard.

Michael W. Plas CDCA

President, Students In Recovery Club