LCCC considers following lead of colleges across the country in banning tobacco products

Olivia Moe

Managing Editor

Lorain County Community College is taking steps to ban smoking on all of its campuses. The ban will be part of a continued effort to make all of Ohio’s public colleges and universities tobacco free.

The new policy will assist in the continuing aim to prevent students, faculty, and staff from beginning to smoke and, in some cases, aid them in quitting for health reasons. This can also help in the decline of second-hand smoke that affects everyone that use the same areas and sidewalks throughout campus.

According to the Ohio Higher Education’s website, LCCC is one of six Ohio colleges and universities that are currently considering becoming tobacco free campuses. Roughly 1,475 colleges across the nation, have already pledged to banning smoking and tobacco products on their campuses. Ashland University, Bowling Green State University, Cleveland State University, Ohio University and, The University of Toledo are a few of the institutions in Ohio who have made this pledge. Kent State will soon join that list. has reported that as of July 1, 2016 the board of trustees will enforce the ban.

This is not an instantaneous event for the campus. Since 2007 LCCC has already taken the initiation by restricting areas where LCCC students, staff and, faculty can smoke. “Persons smoking should be far away enough from entry ways so that smoke may not infiltrate the building,” according to the LCCC student handbook.

There are also consequences set in place for those who do not comply with them, including disciplinary actions and referrals on the behalf of the campus and the Ohio Department of Health.