Skylar Higgins

JRNM 151

“I feel like we’ve gotten a lot of good potential candidates for open positions,” said Kevin Klanac with Comsat Architects, which was just one of the dozens of businesses at Lorain County Community College’s annual Career Fair on April 7. As conversation filled the air, students and the general public milled about looking for the right career fit. The event was a collaboration between Ohio Means Jobs, LCCC’s Career Services, and the Joint Vocational School’s Adult Career Center. Klanac, an accounting major who graduates from LCCC this spring, found his position at Comsat Architects through LCCC’s intern fair last fall. Comsat is currently looking to fill two open positions, and Klanac believes there is talent to draw off of at LCCC. His success is what many were trying to mimic during the job hunt.

Of the many businesses, some were new, while others, such as Sherwin Williams and Cleveland Clinic, were regulars of the event. “A lot of blood, sweat and tears (went into putting the event together),” said  Vernice Jackson, one of the LCCC organizers of the fair. One of the key factors to putting on the event was getting the employers on board, especially ones that had internships available, according to Jackson. There were sporadic lulls in the crowd, and Jackson related her belief that the wet weather may have kept attendees at bay. However, there were a certain group of people that were on a mission. “Over 50 VIPs went through three workshops, mock interviews and got to enter the event early,” Jackson said. The VIP participants had an edge that set them above the rest, especially since members had their resumes made into a book that every employer received. For the serious job hunter, the VIP track was an important, and free, benefit.

However, not everyone was fully satisfied with the event. “I haven’t had as much luck as I anticipated,”  said Jay SantaMaria, who has his bachelor’s degree in Business Management through the Kent State University partnership at LCCC.

Job hunters and employers alike crowd the Spitzer Conference Center on April 7.

Job hunters and employers alike crowd the Spitzer Conference Center on April 7.

Yet, there are benefits SantaMaria said. “It is a great way to meet people and get a better understanding of a company

Overall, even though the rain might have kept some people away, Jackson stated that students were energized and that the employer attendance, of which there were over 120, was up from last year. The massive group of employers coming together in one building to look for new interns and employees was helpful to many and provided hope of a bright future.