Skylar Higgins

JRNM 151

Budgets are a necessary tool, yet they tend to leave little room for unexpected expenditures such as spring break plans. Food, alcohol, lodging, and airfare are costs that all quickly add up.

Financial concerns like these are important to Bianca Parks, a Dental Hygiene major, who was considering a visit to her friend out of state but hesitated because of the cost. “Ticket [prices] are higher this time of year,” she said.

There are still many ways to have fun while keeping costs to a minimum. Trips such as cruises and beach vacations don’t have to break the bank, according to In an article found on the site titled, “Spring Break Gone Thrifty,” it details vacations and websites that help students get the most trip for their money. Another website called StudentUniverse assists with finding the cheapest airfare along with deals for events and activities like snorkeling and wine tours.

Ben Schafer, a Pre-Positions Assistance major, is considering going on a cruise with friends. For a 5-day cruise in the Caribbean he says it would cost, “Probably $700-800. [It’s] reasonable considering you’ll be on this huge ship, plus food and alcohol. Plus all the sights you’re going to be able to see.”  Exotic locations on a budget are out there, and are great opportunities for students on a budget.

If going out of the state or country feels like a stretch, there are many activities going on in Northeast Ohio during spring break. Over in Geneva, Ohio, the Grand River Valley Ice Wine Festival is being held on March 5, 12, and 19. Tickets are $6 and each winery featured at the event will have a sample to try. For those interested in finding a more child friendly event to attend, there is a pancake breakfast and Easter egg hunt on March 12 from 8-11 a.m. that will take place at the Avon Isle located in Avon, Ohio. Admission for children two through eight-years-old are $3 each, and qualifying adults nine-years-old and over are $7. Taking in a show with friends is another affordable option, and Cleveland delivers. The musical Mamma Mia is at the Connor Palace in Playhouse Square until March 13 with tickets starting at $10.

Whether exotic locales beckon or the comforts of home are ideal, there are many ways to have fun this spring break without going broke.