Devon McFeathers

JRNM 151

College Credit Plus (CCP), formerly known as Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO), is a great way to get a head start in completing college work while completing your high-school requirements for graduation.

This is so advantageous because it allows greater flexibility in students schedules, allowing them to work or focus on other things, all while striving to perform academically too.

I am currently a CCP student and it has allowed me to work in the mornings and still get to school on time. It has been an incredible senior year. I am not alone in enjoying the benefits of CCP. Multiple students, both past and present, explained their reasoning on why they chose CCP instead of the standard high-school.

Gage Morrow, 18, is a current senior at Brookside High School but he made the choice to be a full time CCP. “I chose the CCP program so I could enjoy myself my senior year. I am getting my prerequisites done for my psychology degree and it is saving me so much money. Not only am I saving money by going to school for free but I also have so much free time by only going to school two days a week,” Morrow said.

Olivia Gatten, 14, a current eighth grader, is also an aspiring CCP student. Olivia plans on participating in the program as a freshman so she can potentially finish her four years of high school with an associate’s degree. “CCP is such a great opportunity, I learned it is a great option from my brother, who took classes as a senior. I plan on getting that associate’s degree. It is saving me a lot of money and allows me to enter college more prepared. I would recommend CCP to anyone who can handle the workload,” Gatten said.

Matt Kime, another CPP student stated said that the program gives him a great advantage. “My favorite part is being able to relax and focus on my future, it starts right here in the classroom and I’m very excited to see where it goes,” Kime said.

CCP is a great way to become familiar and comfortable with a college curriculum. The program has gathered very positive reviews and is a portal to future success, if taken advantage of properly.