By Kent Springborn Jr.

Staff Writer

Feb 25 – Dale Frymier reported a motor vehicle accident involving her Nissan Altima and Sharod Brown’s Ford Fusion in Parking Lot 2. The report was submitted by Elyria Police Officer Varga. There was damage to Frymier’s passenger side headlight and Brown’s driver’s side.

Feb. 18 – Renee Rimpf, a student worker for the Math and Science Division office, reported that they were unable to locate an iPad and neoprene belonging to the division office. The iPad is used for completing student surveys. It was last used on February 9, 2016 when Penny Friend was having students take surveys in rooms PS100 and PS101. The iPad was last reported on the network around 1:00 p.m. in the Stocker Center outside of room 118 on February 9, 2016.

Feb. 16 – Kathleen Henderson attempted to park her gold Infinity next to a Honda van, but due to a recent snow and other vehicles having parked over pavement lines, Henderson scraped the passenger side front and rear door on the left rear bumper area of the Honda van. The owner of the Honda van is currently unknown.

Feb. 12– Lisa Guerrero, an LCCC employee, reported her Coach rivet/studded bracelet watch missing from an unsecured locker that she was using inside the PE employee/team’s locker room. The incident happened on February 10, 2016. Guerrero was with fellow employee Melissa Siwinski at the time of the incident. Guerrero did not immediately realize that her watch was missing. Guerrero contacted Gina Maxwell to report the missing watch and to check to see if the watch was still in the locker room. Maxwell was unable to locate the missing watch. Fellow LCCC employees Molly Ryan and Taryn Taylor and former LCCC employee Christine Mason were also in the locker room at the time of the incident and none of them recall seeing the missing watch or any suspicious activity on the date and time of the reported theft.

Feb. 11 – Carl Kleinholz’ parked Honda Civic was hit by Emilee Deeds’ Ford F-150 truck. Deeds provided her name and number and claimed she had insurance before leaving the scene. Attempts to call Deeds were made by Campus Security officer, Clay Dean. However, the calls were left unanswered.

Feb. 11 – Michael Farrar, student, was involved in a single car accident. As Farrar entered campus by the south entrance, the car in front of him began sliding, which caused Farrar to brake and lose control of his Volvo just past Burns Road. He went off to the right side about 12 feet into the brush. Farrar contacted a tow company via AAA and his car was pulled back onto the roadway.

Feb. 6 – Chris Evan, an employee at Triangle, backed a truck belonging to LCCC up to a dumpster at the rear of the Culinary building in order to dump trash. Evan was driving vehicle #11 and to his left was vehicle #141, which was parked. As he was leaving, he pulled forward in order to allow room for him to back out, but he didn’t allow enough room for the snow plow attached to the front of his vehicle. Evan hit the front passenger side of the bed to #141. The damage to #141 was moderate and there was no damage to #11 or the attached plow.

Feb. 5– Virginia Ford and Samantha Krupa were involved in a minor car accident. Krupa was backing out of a parking space in Parking Lot 5 when she struck the back left side of Ford’s vehicle. There was minor damage to both vehicles.

Feb. 2 – Jeremiah Brown misjudged a left-hand turn into a parking space and hit the front passenger side of a stationary Chevy Malibu belonging to Dylan Moore. There were no injuries reported. There was damage to Moore’s front passenger fender and front passenger headlight.

Feb. 2 – Aria Edmonds, student, backed out of a parking space in Parking Lot 1 around 11:30 a.m. when she struck the Honda Accord next to her on the rear driver’s side door and bumper. Edmonds left a note on the Accord’s windshield and the owner of the vehicle was found out to be Kylie Bishop. The following day when Bishop started her car to leave campus, she reported that an airbag warning light was displayed on her dashboard.

Jan. 25– Emily Wolfe, student, reported damage to her Hyundai Tuscon that she drove to school that day. She noticed the damage after she arrived home the same day. The reporting officer was unable to view Wolfe’s car on the surveillance cameras for Parking Lot 5.

Jan. 21 – Mark Washington, opened the rear passenger side door of his grandmother’s Chevy Cavalier and hit the front driver’s side door of Anthony Whitmore’s Mercedes-Benz.

Jan. 20 – Sabrina Leibas, student, reported her phone missing from her bag when she returned to her desk after watching a demonstration for a class. On Jan. 25, the phone was later located after Leibas got a ping from her phone with a location. It was later determined that student Ter’quasna Williams was in possession of Leibas’ phone. The phone was then returned to Leibas.

Jan. 10– Two students, Gina Redilla and Ava Dinev, were involved in a minor car crash. As Redilla was proceeding to leave Parking Lot 2, Dinev drove forward into the side of Redilla’s car. There was minor damage to both vehicles.

Jan. 4 – Minor fender bender involving two students, Precious Boone and Nicholas Lance. Incident occurred when Boone misjudged her turn into a parking space and hit the rear bumper of Lance’s parked car on the driver’s side. Nobody was injured in the incident.