Olivia Moe
Sports Editor

Lorain County Community College’s athletic department and Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) program will be providing the students and staff of LCCC and the general public plenty of chances to be part of the department’s sports teams and clubs as well as their health and wellness courses.  There will also be chances for volunteer opportunities.     

With the revival of the LCCC Tennis Club practices will begin Jan. 11 from 7 -8:30 and will continue on Mondays and Wednesdays for the rest of the season. Student athletes are still encouraged to join the club.

The Ewing Activities Center, the Ewing Field House and the Ewing Physical Education and Fitness Center will host several intramural sporting events during the spring semester including a foul shot contest, a table tennis tournament, a golf chipping contest and a bench press contest. Those who complete these events with record times or scores will be added to the “Sports and Fitness Wall of Fame”.

“It would be great if we can remind students of the recreation and fitness center opportunities available to them here at LCCC,” added Jim Powers, head coach of the LCCC Cross Country team and Tennis club. “Students can use the track, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts and fitness center free of charge.”

There will also be events open to the general public. LCCC will host Saturday Night Volleyball meets from Jan. 16-April 30. There will also be two person XC relay race held in April.

One of LCCC’s popular classes offered to the general public as well as the staff and students of LCCC, Kristy’s Classes for a Cause, will be hosting two Yoga classes, a Flow and Go Yoga course and a Barre course on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the LCCC Main Campus. The classes begin Jan 5 and will run till May 13, with a break for the 2016 Spring recess. The classes are donation based and welcome everyone 13 and over. Proceeds will go back to fund future Kristy’s Classes for a Cause events.

“We were happy by the turnout,” said Dr. Lisa Augustine, professor and program coordinator of HPER about the yoga classes. “We continue to grow as the weeks pass. We started with six and recently had sixteen participants with little press and mainly by word of mouth.”

Week of Wellness will occur March 28-April 1 and will have an entire lineup of events including guest speakers, Yoga 101, Couch to 5K advice, financial advice on the subject of fitness and games with chances to win prizes, including the grand prize of a new Fitbit. Student interns of the HPER program will be assisting with the event. “It is great to see hands on learning on the behalf of our program’s interns,” added Augustine about the students involvement. Augustine also hopes to see a large turnout of families at the Week of Wellness event and party. “It is important to get the family involved in a healthy lifestyle because if children and young adults have access to positive and healthy role models when it comes to health and fitness it makes it much easier to live a healthier long term lifestyle.”

Another growing program at LCCC will be Water First. Water First is a movement to make water the easy and appealing, first choice for everyone. LCCC has taken various steps to promote the ease of choosing water with the new automatic sensors on several of the campus water fountains.

“Soda, pops, juices and other drinks should not be the first choice if water is available,” stated Augustine on the program. “Water is very beneficial to your skin, muscles, brain, digestive system, kidneys and your overall health. If your urine is not light or clear by the end of the day you are not hydrated enough. This can cause some to get sick rather easily and with cold and flu season on the way it is best to keep your liquid intake up.”

Drinking too much pop or juice can also lead to weight gain and the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. After filling out a card and turning it into the office in the Physical Education building you can pick from a variety of prizes.

The second annual Wellness Ambassador Incentive Program will also be taking place this semester and will allow students and staff the opportunity to attend games, the fitness center and challenge their comfort zones to spread the word and promote a fit lifestyle. Participants will be able to win t-shirts, designed by the student body, with the completion of 10 of the promoted events.“Last year we had over one hundred and close to two hundred people involved with the Incentive,” Augustine said about the popularity of the program on the LCCC campus. “It was fantastic to see the response and turnout and we hope to have the same amount and more this year.”

United We Sweat will also host Saturday Introduction Yoga classes beginning Jan. 16 and will continue until March 12. They will start at 10 am and run till 11 am and will take place in the LCCC Physical Education Building. The classes will be open to everyone 13 and over and will be free of charge. The focus of the classes will be on breathing, safe alignment of poses and the foundation of each pose. No prior experience will be needed to join and all of the equipment will be provided. For more information contact Diana Jancura at dianajancura@gmail.com.

The Ohio Special Olympics North Section Basketball Tournament will return to LCCC for it’s 20th year. The tournament will be held March 3-6 in the main gymnasium on the main campus at LCCC. There will be chances for students and the general public to help volunteer.

For more information or a calendar of the events taking place visit the LCCC Athletics and Recreation page on the LCCC website, http://www.lorainccc.edu/Athletics.