Cody Grossman

Staff Writer

Lorain County Community College Women's Basketball team's guard Onyx Lopez.

Lorain County Community College Women’s Basketball team’s guard Onyx Lopez.


Second year player Onyx Lopez has the potential to do something very few people in the history of Lorain County Community College basketball history have ever done, become a member of the 1000 point club.

“It drives me to get better,” Lopez remarked about her potential to make LCCC history. “My free throw percentage has gone up significantly, just because I know every one of them counts. It is a goal of mine, but even if I only make it to 900 I’ll still feel good about it.”   

Lopez also commented on new head coach Vince Granito and the job he’s been doing this season. “He’s great. It’s cool to see him learn the game just as us second year players had to last year. We went through the adjustments he’s going through now. It’s just a cool thing to see.”

Lopez admitted that the toughest part about her college experience was all of the traveling the team did with some rides lasting several hours. Lopez says it took a lot of getting used to. Lopez also went on to talk about her future aspirations pertaining to furthering her college basketball career. “If I can get a scholarship then I definitely will. I may try to walk on to a school if it’s possible.” Lopez says she wants to move on to a smaller division two school.

Lopez also talked about her favorite part of this season. “The overtime win we had was my absolute favorite. Also, the team had a Christmas party and it was really fun. I also love seeing and being a part of Coach Granito’s first college experience. He is setting a good example for all of us.”

One of Lopez’s goals of the season is to make the 1000 point club. Whether she will get it or not is still to be determined, but the journey along the way will be worth seeing.