Cody Grossman

Staff Writer

Lorain County Community College Forward Kevin Jenkins attempts a layup against Jamestown.

Lorain County Community College Forward Kevin Jenkins attempts a layup against Jamestown Community College.


The Lorain County Community College men’s basketball team squared off against Jamestown Community College Jan. 7. and it was an aggressive start from both sides, neither giving an inch to one another.

The defense of the Commodores was strong, adjusting to the length of Jamestown. Unfortunately Matt Wysocki got into early foul trouble and LCCC was down a defender. The momentum swung into the hands of Jamestown and they let LCCC have it.

Kevin Jenkins was a shining light for the Commodores by gathering rebounds and cashing in on his second chance opportunities.

Kwevon Corn had a putback layup towards the end of the half to shift the momentum back to the Commodores. Following that was Chris Theodus and Theodus was the spark off the bench the Commodores needed. His high energy, tough defense and offensive I.Q really helped LCCC get back into the game.

The crowd that the Commodores were back into it once Jenkins stopped a dunk attempt, elevating and stopping the defender in his tracks. Jamestown however, were having none of it. They built a strong lead, and despite a buzzer beating layup by Wesley Harris, the Commodores went into the half trailing, 52-40.

The second half was a slow start for both teams. Both teams turning the ball over and not capitalizing on their open shots. Jamestown got back into their groove and built a 17 point lead. It was looking bad for the Commodores but Ouddi Hamdan wasn’t letting LCCC go down that easy. His defensive effort led to turnovers and fast break points. On offense Hamdan was on fire. He trimmed the lead down to ten and kept the Commodores in the game.

Theodus anchored the defense and helped make it a close one. Jamestown got into foul trouble, which contributed heavily to the commodore comeback. LCCC brought it down to seven with five minutes to go in the game. Jamestown however, regained control and sailed past the Commodores to finish the game. The final score was, 92-71.

After the game, second year player Alex Scullin gave his thoughts on the game, “We could have been better at executing our offense and communicating on defense. We are an entirely different team when we talk and let everyone know where they’re going and what to do on the defensive end. But more than anything at this point our biggest thing is that we have to gel together as a group.”

Scullin also added “We are at a crossroad between the first part of the year with a full squad and now where players aren’t here, for various reasons. As well as adding new players to the mix. It’s an entirely different flow and we have to relearn how to play with each other effectively. And that’ll come with time. We all have to come ready to practice to work and develop as a team. I am confident that we can achieve that.”

Corn, another second year player, gave his thoughts on what needs to be improved for next game, “Playing more for each other as brothers, not teammates. We need to execute our offense to perfection heading into our next game.”