Danthea Redwood

JRNM 151 Student

Lorain County Community College Broadcasting students Nick Fink, 24, and Tyler Atwell, 23, decided to follow their dreams and become entrepreneurs when they created Positiva T-shirts in July of 2014. Positiva is a clothing company that is dedicated towards spreading positivity.

“We’re not planning on being millionaires,” Fink said. The two friends raised the money to start this company through a combination of working day jobs and doing freelance video work on the side.

“When I think of someone who wears a Positiva t-shirt I see a strong minded individual, someone who doesn’t let life get them down. They see a brighter future and they’re working day to day to get there,” said Atwell, “We made this brand for those people.”

When the friends were roommates living in Chicago, they each lost a loved one around the same time. This led them to look for an outlet to get through their hard times.

“When we actually came up with the idea we were both going through a really hard time,” said Fink, “It was a time when it was really hard to be positive.” Fink, who is a motivational speaker believes this business started on a very strong friendship.

“It really is something that we had as a goal for ourselves and we never lost sight of it,” explained Fink. Fink gives motivational speeches at high schools and colleges across the country. After the speeches Positiva t-shirts are available for students to buy. The duo will be at LCCC this spring.

“I had a saying of my own, ‘why not me,’” Fink said, “It’s saying that all things are possible. Someone has to do it, so why not me?” During the past three years, Fink has led motivational speeches to help inspire kids to set goals and achieve their dreams.

“We’ve raised about $400 between close friends and family,” said Atwell. They are just now starting to implement marketing strategies and getting a clearer message for their brand.

“With a message like this we would really like to see them go viral,” Atwell said. The co-founders currently have four shirt designs available to the public. The goal for Positiva is to raise funds so they can get back on the road and speak to students across the nation.

“We’re two people with a dream and we’re getting closer and closer every second along the way,” Fink said.