Tim Krezman

Staff Writer

The Lorain County Community College University Partnership continues to branch out as Hiram College has added Integrated Environmental Studies to their programs to attain a Bachelor’s Degree through the UP.

The Environmental Studies degree was added as an option in fall 2014.

Daniel Safko of the Office of Admissions from Hiram said, “We think we have a wonderful program in Environmental Studies, we think you have great students out here. I think getting them to come to the main campus is hard so we think that they get the best of both worlds to be able to bring the program here.”

Nicole Wilson, the program counselor said, “The way that LCCC’s programs pair so nicely with our program makes it a perfect match.”

Wilson said, “Since this is an integrated program you could work anywhere from for the local or even federal parks, or if you want to do something more technical or conservation based you could do that too.”

Wilson added, “One of the partnership benefits is that you have more people you can work with. You have double the faculty, double the resources, and you can even dual enroll so that you could begin partnership classes while still finishing up classes from LCCC.”

Wilson also added that there is hands-on experience with the program both at the LCCC campus and on Hiram’s main campus.

Safko said that there is plenty of flexibility when it comes to taking Hiram courses. He said, “Our delivery system out here too helps. We have online courses, we have the traditional college. If you come to us and say that you want to finish as fast as possible we can have you sample from all of those and get you what you need. If you want to stay at the University Center we can accommodate that.”

Wilson said about classes, “We have different start dates throughout the term and we have rolling admissions so that you can enter at any point. You can even pick up a three week course which is three Saturdays a semester and you get that class out of the way.”

Safko also said that those three week courses are designed to be taught well in those three weeks and it is not like having 16 weeks of work over three Saturdays.

Hiram College also has a partnership available to receive a B.A. in Accounting and Financial Management.