Kristin Hohman
Managing Editor

Believe in Ohio will host a kickoff event at Lorain County Community College on Nov. 4 from 9 am to 1 pm. This free forum will launch the program in the region.

“The Believe in Ohio program provides a platform for high school students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and earn scholarship funds,” said Dr. Rosa Hainaj, dean of the science and mathematics division at LCCC. “Students have the opportunity to showcase their inventions and applications that may revolutionize the way we do things today in several areas, including technology, health, business, etc. The Believe in Ohio program provides tools and resources for students to learn and apply what is needed to bring their idea or product to the next level.”

Believe in Ohio (BIO) is a free program from the Ohio Academy of Science which helps prepare high school students for the future – with a focus on STEM careers.

“Students need to understand that a knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is more than an acronym,” said Dr. Hainaj. “ STEM can be the catapult to an unlimited number of careers and ventures. Not everyone needs to be a scientist or mathematician, but knowledge of the STEM disciplines provide the necessary background to open so many doors.”

BIO operates under three core principles, according to the organization’s website:

*Help students understand the challenge and opportunity the future presents for them and how to prepare for it through STEM forums, virtual field trips and online courses into Ohio’s Innovation Economy of the future.

*Help students understand the importance of a STEM education and an entrepreneurial mindset to become competitors in Ohio’s Innovation Economy of the future through engagement with STEM & entrepreneurial experts and mentors, and participation in STEM Commercialization & Business Plan competitions.

*Inspire students to Believe in Ohio and pursue their education and careers in Ohio by introducing them to Ohio’s robust R&D and entrepreneurial ecosystem that offers great opportunities for them to create their future.

The Ohio Academy of Science’s mission statement is to foster curiosity, discovery, innovation, and problem-solving skills in Ohio.

“Ohio has one of the most successful entrepreneurial ecosystems,” Dr. Hainaj stated. “The potential benefits for our region are immense, as technology advances can drive the markets and provide employment opportunities. Such has been shown by the accolades received by the many programs sponsored by the Ohio Third Frontier, which include the great work being done at the Desich SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems, right at LCCC’s campus.”

Scholarship opportunities will be available for participants during the forum. The event is free to attend and lunch is provided. Registration is required. For more information, contact Dr. Rosa Hainaj at 440-366-7280 or by email at