Cody Grossman
Staff Writer

 This year’s Lorain County Community College Women’s Basketball team has a new face at the helm. Vince Granito has taken the role of coach this season. Those who don’t know him as coach Granito may know him as Dr. Granito. He has taught psychology at LCCC for the past 15 years. He has his sports psychology. He received his Master’s degree at John F. Kennedy University, and his Doctorates at the University of Saybrook. Granito is no stranger to coaching; he has coached high-school basketball for the last 25 years. LCCC will be his first college level coaching opportunity.

When asked what made him decide to become the coach of LCCC, he said, “Well last year I had ten girls, nine of them were seniors. So I would have been starting fresh anyways with a new team. And it was a long commute. Whereas here, all I really have to do is go to the building next door.” Coincidently, the day Granito stepped down as the coach of the high school he was at, the LCCC athletic program posted that they were looking for a new coach. Opportunity knocked, and Coach Granito opened the door with gusto.

Granito’s only concern right now is the depth of the team. “We are starting the season with nine players; we have another two coming at the midway point. I know last year’s team had issues towards the end with girls missing games. Some games they only had six or seven players. That is my only concern, that we may be put into a similar situation.” His main focus right now in practice is mainly offensive. He wants the players to master the offensive scheme of the game. The advice he gave to the players was to not be afraid to take risks, and to play as hard as they can every day.

He made it a point for the players to play “with a chip on their shoulders” because of the recent rankings of the schools. LCCC was ranked last based on a league wide coach’s vote. “That’s fine that they picked us last, that means we get to prove a lot of people wrong.” said Granito. His expectations for this year’s Commodores are to win, he said there are many winnable games, and he is expecting to win.

Granito’s favorite aspect of coaching is to see the development of his players. “It’s amazing over the course of time since June how much better they’ve already gotten.” His goal is to come in and simplify the process for the Commodores. He intends on making it easier for them. Describing his coaching style he said, “Lots of talking and yelling, but positive talking and yelling. I rarely ever sit down, I realize that the girls will act, based on my energy. If I look sluggish and down, they will likely play sluggish and down. So I have to make sure that I’m always positive. My energy reflects how they play.” Coach Granito can’t wait to get the season underway. The first game is at home on November 6th. Good luck, coach.