Arryona Pastor

Each year Christmas and holiday cards are sent to our troops overseas. Kathleen Gruscinski delivers these cards to the USO which is then sent to our troops. “This means the world to our troops far from home during the holiday season,” Gruscinski said. She has collected over 20,000 cards for the troops over the past ten years. Her work has led to her being acknowledged by the USO.

“Any news from home, imagine yourself in their position, just a little news from home brings cheer to them. It takes so little of our time to do,” Bruce Weigl, a veteran of the Vietnam War said. Something so little does affect the troops more than we think it does. A simple “Thank you” can bring a smile to a troops face because they know that you support their bravery to go fight for our freedom and nation. When asked how the letters will get to the troops, Bruce replied ” A special postal system just for military people, so like we don’t have to pay postage for them.”

It only takes a few minutes to make a card for a serviceman, but those few minutes mean a the world to them. The more cards they receive, the better. If you want to take part in sending cards to the troops, you can drop the cards off at CC 234 until Nov.15.