Arryona Pastor


The members of the Student Senate and Student Life hosted a picnic for the campus with food and the allure of watching a men’s soccer game at the soccer field on Oct. 1. The picnic was planned to help international and American students become closer and form new friendships.

When asked if the weather was an issue, Carson Moen, a senior at Early College High School, replied “The wind is definitely a problem, I almost got caught on fire from the grill”.

Despite having to chase after cups and plates from the wind, students still seemed to enjoy themselves. Kennedy Sutorious, from Early College High School, stated, “It’s very cold and windy, I wish we were inside”.  Hurricane Joaquin.She brought the people of LCCC harsh winds and just a pinch or two of raining leaving the viewers bummed and chilled to the bone. Nevertheless the game still went on bringing enjoyment and laughter to all.

The picnic may have been a bit on the chilly side, but people still enjoyed being with their friends and having warm food to eat. Keira Magdos, a junior at Early College, said “The wind was brutal, but I enjoyed having the chance to finally relax and have a good time with my friends, which is something my course load has not given me the opportunity to do”.

Despite the lack of cooperation from the weather, the picnic was still a success and succeeded in bringing the campus into a more unified whole.