Charlotte Weiss

Staff Writer

Benjamin Colon-Nieves has returned for his second term in the Lorain County Community College Student Senate, now proudly serving as the student body President. The face of our Senate at LCCC is an interesting man, to say the very least.

Born in Puerto Rico, Colon-Nieves moved to the United States in 2005. A huge advocate for travel, he still dreams of adventuring around the world. Latin America runs in his blood and after he is through enjoying his time here, he hopes to make his way through South America. Dedicated to embarking on the undertaking of learning English, he enrolled in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at LCCC and has been studying at the college for two years. Colon-Nieves enjoys his studies and wants to aim his focus towards a combination of Psychology and Urban Studies.

As the leader of the Student Senate, Colon-Nieves’ main initiative is to pursue the goals that the whole of the Senate has set out to accomplish. Visibility to the campus community was a huge stepping stone in his reign as president, one major hurdle that has already been crossed by moving into a more accessible office location for students. Creating a sense of unity among clubs and connecting students all over campus is another duty he takes very seriously as Senator. He was most recently seen promoting this camaraderie at the Senate sponsored College Picnic while he grilled out burgers and fostered fun and community among students.

A man of integrity, Colon-Nieves’ true passion while here at LCCC is improving the lives of the students. “I’m thinking about what I can leave behind that people can take advantage of,” he explained when asked about what he would like his legacy at the college to be. He champions his causes proudly, placing a great importance on the happiness of students at the college. “I want to make a difference in people,” he stated. His focus is entirely on the campus community and what enhancements can be made to fulfill their dreams and encourage their aspirations. As students, it’s easy to feel confident and rest easy knowing the right choice was made when we placed our faith in such a dedicated man to be the President of our Student Senate.