Rebecca Marion

 Ad Manager

Les Délice delighted listeners at Lorain County Community College with their Eva Hornyak Memorial Concert. The instrumental ensemble held their performance at LCCC’s Cirigliano Studio Theatre Sept 24, funded by LCCC Foundation’s Campus Grants Program.

Les Délice is an internationally renowned instrumental ensemble specializing in baroque music. The group is composed of members Debra Nagy on the oboe, Julie Andrijeski on the violin, David Ellis on the viola da gamba and Simon Martyn-Ellis on the theorbo. The concert featured composers Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jean Baptiste Senaillé, François Couperin, Robert de Visée and Marin Marais.

The program is titled Toute Suites, French for right now, and is a play on words as the concert is entirely composed of suites. Debra Nagy, director and founder of Les Délice, calls the performance “the most unusual and non standard suites that we could put together for you.”

Unlike a traditional suite, Les Délice performed a prelude towards the end of the concerts instead of at the beginning. Another difference from tradition is that the suites do not have the same length, but vary. In reference to this Nagy said, “one might suggest it should be a concert of great round bases.”

The name, Les Délice, is French for the delights. “Some would say what we play is an acquired taste. The name tries to invoke a sense of pleasure and sweetness,” Nagy said.

Many of the audience members enjoyed the concert.Travis Odom, who came because of his LCCC music appreciation class was glad that he had. When referring to Les Delices performance Odom said, “I feel like each instrument has it’s own individual beauty but when [played] together it creates a masterpiece.”

Another attendee, Mary Bell said “I’ve heard Les Délice on the radio many times and I couldn’t pass this up.”

Jeffrey Mumford, distinguished professor at LCCC and curator of the Eva Hornyak Memorial Concert named the event after his mentor, the late Eva Hornyak. Mumford said, “I learned so much from her that when I got my own concert series that I decided to dedicate one concert per year to her.”

The ensemble will be performing their next concert in Ohio on Nov. 7th in Cleveland. The concert is called Age of Indulgence, which includes daring and experimental work from the French Rococo.