Cody Grossman

Staff Writer

Taylor Savarino (left) defends the ball in the match against Ashland Sept. 30.

Taylor Savarino (left) defends the ball in the match against Ashland Sept. 30.

It was a cold day Sept. 30, and the Lady Commodores came to play. Despite the cold, the ladies were on fire all game long. The defense was on point from the start, not allowing Ashland to do anything. They were very active, wherever Ashland had the ball, the lady commodores were there, stopping them in their tracks. On the offensive end, the ladies took shots early and often. Taylor Savarino scored twice for the ladies, one goal shy of a hat trick. Sarah Hatfield, also tacked on a goal for the Commodores. The ladies were in control from start to finish.

Alyshia Dick, goalie for the Commodores, put on a great defensive effort. She only allowed one goal, along with scoring a goal of her own. She, as well as the rest of the Commodores, played great. The defense was superb. LCCC had control over the whole game and they didn’t let up at all.

The Commodores overcame the cold weather and the Ashland Club team. It was an impressive 4-1 victory. They took their first home win of the season ending their drought of wins at home. After the game, Coach Jessi Paul was very excited about today’s win. “We’ve scored 16 goals in the past two games. We are doing a lot better and are finally understanding each other’s strengths. It feels awesome to get our first home win.” When asked about the adjustments she’s made since the most recent home game which ended in a loss, she said, “We had some changes in our formation, and focuses hard on defense.”

An impressive win for the ladies, indeed.