Lara Reinmann

JRNM 151 Student

One of the most important things about the beginning of a new school year is purchasing supplies. Each class requires specific supplies, including textbooks. Lorain County Community College on campus bookstore has any textbook required for any class, with reasonable prices on new, used and rental books. Other options include eBooks or online textbooks if that is a better fit for students.

Buying a used book is about 25 percent cheaper than buying a new book. Commodore bookstore textbook manager Lisa Hearn said,  “Used books are 25 percent less of the price of a new book.” If students do not wish to keep all the books they are supposed to buy, there is also a book rental option.

The bookstore receives rental books from a third party renter, which is where the prices come from and where the books must be returned to after being used. Rental book growth has increased drastically in the last few years, the biggest jump was in 2013. “At the bookstore we use a software program which shows comparison prices from other book sellers,” said Hearn.

Many students choose the online route because it is cheaper by 25 percent, but the books bought online could be outdated or not the correct edition needed for specific course. Purchasing books from the on campus bookstore is economical to students because there are many different book options to choose from and they provide materials needed to be successful in any course taken at LCCC.