By Keith A. Reynolds

The nation was shaken yet again by a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in southern Oregon on Oct. 1. Such scenes of death and destruction seem all too familiar these days, but this particular incident strikes close to home raising questions about student safety on our own campus.

“It’s important for students and the entire campus to know that this institution, from its trustees to its administrators and all of campus, take the safety of our campus as our highest priority,” Vice President of Lorain County Community College Tracy Green said.

Director of Security Keith Brown explained, “Just last week we conducted what we call three active shooter informational sessions for our employees. Our intention is to roll those out to students, starting possibly either this month or in November.”

These informational sessions are designed to inform the attendees of ways to deal with situations like the one in Oregon. “There are three options that the Department of Homeland Security has tried to inform people on. That’s what they call evacuate, or hide out, or the third option, to try to take the shooter out,” Brown elaborated.

The administration’s goal, though, is to stop these situations before they occur. Brown explained, “If one of our campus community members is exhibiting one of those types of behaviors, we can try to intervene to make an intervention plan to get that person back to normal and reintegrated back into our campus community.”

If any student is worried about their safety, both Green and Brown urge them to voice their concerns at the upcoming president’s forum on Oct. 8 in the CC building.