Rebecca Marion

Ad Manager


The Commodore Duck is the mascot and symbol of the Lorain County Community College. But what or who is the Duck? Is it responsible for the refugee crisis and the obesity epidemic? Is it the Collegian editor living out his furry fantasies? Or is it just a madman in a tall yellow duck? The search for the Duck has uncovered more questions than answers.
In it’s earliest stages the creation and imagination of The Commodore Duck has been shrouded in a yellow fog of obscurity. So mysterious not even the campus knowns its origins. However, officials speculate that a very dubious student committee is to be credited with the conception of the mascot for LCCC. It was then that they called the Commodore Duck into being.
An unnamed source claims that Duck Radio purchased the suit about a decade ago and still owns the duck suit today. The suit is kept in the Theatre Department where it remains until it’s stuffed once more with human appendages.
The only known times that The Commodore Duck has been able to come out of the theater is to make appearances at opening week, charity events and graduation. Gracing students and teachers with its big beak and generous love of stale Tasty Cakes.
Students around the campus wonder, why a duck? Why is the mascot of LCCC a fluffy yellow bird? We might as well have gone with Unicorn or the Sasquatch. Sadly, even UC Santa Cruz mascot, a banana slug named Sammy the Slug, has more of a history and is more intimidating than the Commodore Duck.
So, why are there no records available? It’s certainly possible that they were destroyed in an office fire or, lost due to high staff turnover. It’s simply speculation.
For what The Commodore Duck lacks in intimidation it makes up for in mystery. For all we know it may be a master painter or a wrestling champion. What he does in his spare time is something the student body can only imagine. We do know one thing for sure it’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma and we want to know more about our shadowy mascot.
Please be on the lookout for a large yellow duck. It is five feet eleven inches tall with black eyes and yellow hair that covers his body.