Olivia Moe

Online Editor 

The Lorain County Community College Athletic and Recreation programs offer a variety of events and opportunities for students, staff and the general public from 5ks to Kristy’s Class sessions. The school also offers the chance for students, staff, and the general public to exercise their confidence with the LCCC Rock Wall and the high and low ropes courses.

The wall and courses, which were constructed and introduced to LCCC in 2000, follow a challenge by choice philosophy. They are intended  for participants to build self esteem, build personal trust and trust amongst a group, get out of comfort zones, and face their fears. Local schools and businesses have taken advantage of the courses to develop these skills.

“It is so much fun,” Lisa Augustine, a faculty member of the LCCC Health and Physical Education department, expressed. Augustine herself has participated in the courses to help assist those who participate in the courses. “I need to be able to explain how it works, and be able to offer tips so people can accomplish their climbing goals.”

The courses involve the Leap of Faith, Nitro Swing, The Beam, the Flying Squirrel, the Wilder Woosey, the Catwalk, the Spider Web and the Centipede. LCCC also offers adventure challenge credit courses outdoor high ropes courses, which are offered every semester.

Augustine also commented on the outcomes that participants report and the goals they have met. “People tell me they learn about themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone. Many say that they came into the experience not really knowing their group members very well but as a result of the ropes course experience they really got to know each other. Many comment that the course helped improved confidence, putting aside their differences, communication, and leadership skills.”

For more information about scheduling, prices, enrolling in the high rope courses, and available days contact Lisa Augustine at 440-366-7352 or laugusti@lorainccc.edu.