Olivia Moe

Online Editor 

Lorain County Community College has many resources to help students with their courses and other academic needs, including the Math boot camps which has added another section of the camps this October.

Currently offered on LCCC’s main campus, the boot camps, which began in the fall of 2013, has had an increase in enrollment and the future of the camps looks to be a bright one.

“I would say that the boot camps are a success,” explained Bethany Geiger, a faculty member of the LCCC Science and Math department.

The camps, which are offered at the beginning and end of the spring semester and the beginning of fall semesters, are five-day computer-based non credit courses led by a member of the LCCC math department. They provide the students with lessons to help understand and move up through many of the prerequisite courses to the math classes that count toward their degrees.

“There are different uses for the boot camp. Sometimes a student will take it just as a refresher or to be better prepared for the course they are going into. It can be great in those cases, especially for someone who has not had math in several years.” Geiger explained.

Students who completed the math boot camp in the fall moved up an average of at least one course. Some students passed through two or more courses just with the boot camp. “We have had several instances of students moving more than one level and we have had

two cases where someone passed four levels of developmental math and moved

right into their college level course,” Geiger explained with delight. “I love when someone passes their attempted course and saves themselves a lot of time and money.”

Geiger is not the only member of the LCCC Math and Sciences department to laud the success of the camps. “The most rewarding part of the boot camp from the instructor’s perspective is the chance to see students move ahead in their mathematics course sequence while saving time and money,” Lisa Sheppard, a member of the LCCC math and sciences department added. “ If we just have a handful of students that progress, it’s worth it to offer the program for those students.”

The next set of boot camp sessions will take place Sept. 30 through Oct. 6. They are offered either 12-2 pm or 6-8 pm and cost $50 to enroll. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

For more information or to enroll in the course contact the Records Office at 440-366-4067, or email the office records@lorainccc.edu.