Avianna Velez

JRNM 151 Student

After several moments spent browsing The Market Place located here at LCCC, student Saiba Markovic chose the new featured food option, “Chef’s Choice”. It included a pulled pork sandwich, vegetables, and cornbread. Chef’s choice is the new food category on campus this year that features dinner menu options. With this option, students will be able to put as much food as they can fit into the to-go food box all for just $5.

Markovic was surprised with this and expressed that she hoped “it tastes as good as it looks.”  Chef Ed Riggins, the campus chef and owner of Southern Fusion Restaurant in Euclid, explains the new food option as “the best $5 you can spend on campus” and that it will always include a vegetable, a protein, and a starch. Riggings, who selects and prepares a new comfort food option every day for Chef’s Choice at LCCC, claims that it’s the best option for college students on the go who don’t plan on spending too much time or money on a meal. Not only will it fill students appetite quickly, but it also won’t exceed a student’s budget.