Kristin Hohman

Managing Editor 

The University Partnership at Lorain County Community College held its first open house On Sept. 10, giving students and their families the opportunity to explore degrees offered through the UP program.

Comprised of nine public and three private institutions, the UP began in 1998 with five partner schools, according to Associate Provost, Dr. John Crooks. “We now have approximately 40 baccalaureate programs and 10 masters.”

The University Partnership at LCCC is a program that offers 50 bachelors and masters degrees from 12 Ohio universities. Students can transfer their credits into a partner program, take classes on LCCC’s campus, and still graduate with a degree from that partner school.

“One of the goals of the University Partnership is to make degrees affordable and accessible,” Crooks said. “We believe strongly in collaboration. We have with us at tonight’s open house five institutions that we consider great partners, but we do consider all 12 schools great partners.”

Among the five UP schools represented at the open house were Cleveland State University, Hiram College, John Carroll University, Ohio University, and the University of Toledo. Representatives from each University Partnership institution were given time to summarize their program’s offerings and requirements before a crowd of students.

“We’re very creative. We even have an associate pre-program in respiratory care with Bowling Green State University Firelands campus; Lorain County Community College offers our nursing program at the Firelands campus,” Crooks said.

“We have 50 different degree programs in a very diverse area.,” said Karen Tomcko, a marketing and recruitment specialist for the UP. “We have programs in biology, computer science and engineering, in education, social work, accounting, and environmental studies.”



Tomcko gave a brief overview of how the partnership programs work, explaining the ‘2 +2’ or ‘3 +1’ programs, where students spend the first two-three years of the college careers right here at LCCC.

“Students usually start with us at LCCC and take their first two to three years of courses at LCCC at our low prices,” Tomcko stated. “Then their third or fourth year, [students] transfer to that partner program, which is located here on our campus, and start paying the tuition of that partner college.”

The University Partnership at LCCC is very beneficial to students, according to Tomcko. These programs help defray the high cost of college degrees, the courses are offered close to home, and the degree that students receive does not differentiate from on-campus degrees offered by that institution.

The University Center (UC) building on the LCCC campus houses all of the partnership offices. The UC  building also equips LCCC with the technology for Interactive Video and Distance Learning (IVDL). This gives students enrolled in partnership courses to attend class via live video streaming and allows them to interact with instructors and classmates.

The majority of other UP courses are available online or in a traditional classroom setting.