Olivia Moe

Online Editor 

After a quick rehearsal of “You are My Sunshine” the auditions successfully kicked off for the Lorain County Community College  fall 2015 production of “The Diviners” Sept. 13, 14 and 16th.

“The hard work is just beginning, and I have no doubt that we have assembled a great group of talented actors to bring this play to life,” added Jamie Benjamin.

The auditions, that attracted between 55 and 60 participants from the general public and students from LCCC, was exciting and nerve wrecking for those who were new to the process and even for those who are a veteran of the world of show business.

“I am absolutely overjoyed with the turnout we received for both nights of our auditions for The Diviners,” Jamie Benjamin, the head of the LCCC theatre department expressed with delight. “It was a great mix of current LCCC Theatre students, past students and community members. This mix of talent is what makes our Theatre program so unique and special.”

Many of those who auditioned were experiencing the process for the first time. Most, students of the theatre courses at LCCC, gained knowledge of the basic procedures in auditioning such as the use of cold readings, how to make eye contact while still reciting from the script and overall getting out of their comfort zones by speaking and performing for an audience.

“The students who only audition for class credit had their eyes opened as to how the process works.  Most of them today told me that it ‘was fun’,” replied Dave Cotton, a member of the theatre department at LCCC and the director of the production. Cotton, who has directed at LCCC before expressed his joy of watching the new mix with the growing and old.

Even those who have auditioned countless times and have been in productions at LCCC expressed the butterflies that they experience each time they come in for a cold reading.

“Auditioning for a show is both an a amazing experience and the most horrifying one in the world. Personally I find it to be more nerve wracking than the actual show due to the fact of the uncertainty of it all.” expressed Tim Parks, both a student at LCCC and an actor who was in the 2015 spring production of “American Enterprise”. Parks, who primarily auditioned for the role of C.C Showers, was surprised by the drive he experienced reading for Buddy Layman, one of the leads in the play. “He is an amazingly well written character and would’ve been a nice change of pace regarding characters I’ve played.”

Despite the fact that Parks did not land a role in the production he showed support for those who did. “While I’m a little sad that I didn’t get a part, all the people who did truly deserved it and are amazing actors and actresses and will make this show sensational.”

Trying to cast a production is not the only pre-production process occurring. Since the world of entertainment is not based on individual roles but teamwork it can be challenging even at the collegiate level. But with the  Simultaneously set, light, and costuming are factored by the tech crew. Diane Papp, the costume designer and member of the theatre faculty at LCCC, scans the potential cast members to begin her role in the production. “I am dressing everyone who auditions in my mind. Their entire style of appearance and movement influence the costume design choice for me.” Papp explained.

Although the full cast list has not been released, Amber Stafford will be starring as Jennie Mae Layman, the sister of one of the lead characters Buddy Layman. “I’m still fairly new to the world of theater, so I still think auditioning is a bit scary. But once I’m up there, I just focus on doing what I’m told,” Stafford confessed. “I was shocked that I actually did get it. I had to listen to the message twice to make sure I heard correctly. I’m extremely grateful and excited to be in this production.”

“Every audition process is different because each director is looking for a specific type of interaction between the actors.” stage manager Leigh Tennant explained. “Needless to say, auditions are always a fun and enchanting environment because you never know what kind of magic will happen.”

“The hard work is just beginning and I have no doubt that we have assembled a great group of talented actors to bring this play to life,” added Benjamin.