By Avianna Velez

Lorain County Community College’s Women’s Soccer team lost its first home game of the season to Baldwin Wallace’s women’s intramural team Sept. 2. The score was 0 to 3. The Lady Commodores turned in an outstanding performance against their competition and kept their pace pulsing throughout the entire game. The hard work and determination of the team was apparent to all in attendance and natural team leaders really stood out.

The Lady Commodore’s Taylor Savarino was very communicative with her teammates and helped guide and motivate them when they needed it most. She wasn’t afraid of her competition with Baldwin Wallace as she used her endurance to stay on the ball and take every open shot at scoring that she could. Savarino’s fortuitous fortitude was outstanding as her strides across the soccer field gave her a good lead for most of the game. As a team veteran, “Taylor’s one of those players that can play anywhere on the field and I depend on her” Coach Jessi Paul said.

Goalie Alisha Dick, also a team veteran, faced her opponents with resilience and was close to fearless as she defended her team. Dick dove into kicks and used herself as a barrier between the ball and goal. She blocked a majority of attempted scores and contributed to the game significantly. “If I know she’s in the goal, I know we’re going to be stopping a lot of shots” Paul remarked.

Paul expressed that the game was a “good showing” for the team. She mentioned that even though they lost 0 to 3, it could have been worse considering Baldwin Wallace is one of the tougher teams LCCC plays this season. “It’s really taken these last few weeks for us to get everyone together.”

Overall, it was apparent that each individual player worked hard to play well as a new team, focus on the game, and push themselves to stay on top of the opposing team. Paul mentioned that she was “impressed” with how the beginning of the game was completely different from the second half of the game. “They really showed that they have heart, and they’re coming to work, and that they are ready to play.”

When asked what her and her players can learn from this game Paul responded by stating that her team needed to learn how to “take how they feel right now and turn that into how they don’t want to feel again…We come into every game expecting to win so when you don’t it’s disappointing but then you turn that into power for the next one.”

Moving forward from the loss, Paul feels “positive, strong, and excited” for the season ahead. She knows they will have a successful winning record if they continue to “keep the team a team.” A major concern for the season is to have “the same amount of numbers today at our first game, as our last game.” With the talent seen on her roster, she feels her team will go very far this year and that this could probably be one of the “best seasons that we’ve had in the last few years.”