Special to The Collegian

Graduates of Lorain County Community College have independent verification that they have made the right choice in earning their degrees from LCCC.

LCCC scored the highest among all Ohio community colleges in earnings for graduates in a recent value-added report by the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings.

With more than 100 degrees and majors, LCCC prepares its graduates for good paying careers. Additionally, the University Partnership at LCCC gives its graduates additional ways to succeed with pathways to bachelor’s degrees in many of those same fields.

“The UP increases our graduates’ earning potential,” said LCCC President Dr. Roy Church.

On a value-added rating scale of 100 being the top score, LCCC scored a 93 for the median total earnings of its graduates with 10 years of experience. Value- added benefits that were used to calculate this quality score included graduation rates, market value of the skills the college teaches as well as exceptional leadership and teaching that contribute to student success. The report used a blend of government and private data for its analysis.

“This report confirms that LCCC provides a high quality education at a great value for our students,” Church said.

The Brookings’ report also notes that a college’s mix of majors and skills it provides students “are highly predictive of economic outcomes for its graduates.”

“We know people are worried about the high cost of higher education and the value of their degree,” Church continued. “Now we have data that proves an LCCC degree is an excellent value that positions you for success. LCCC’s tuition consistently ranks among the lowest in the state of Ohio – currently second among the state’s 23 community colleges – at $118.34 per credit hour (beginning in summer semester) for an annual full-time cost of $3,177.  The average annual full-time tuition for community colleges in Ohio is $4,145.”

Colleges where many students pursue degrees in fields like healthcare, engineering, computer science and business see higher earnings among their alumni, the report concludes.

“The choice of whether and where to attend college is among the most important investment decisions individuals and families can make,” Church said. “LCCC continues to provide the most affordable option for students to achieve their educational goals and be a success.”

To see the entire Brookings report – titled “Beyond College Rankings: a Value-Added Approach to Assessing Two and Four Year Schools” – visit http://www.brookings.edu/research/reports2/2015/04/29-beyond-college-rankings-rothwell-kulkarni.

To learn more about educational programs at LCCC visit www.lorainccc.edu.