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Alex Delaney-Gesing | The Collegian

Alex Delaney-Gesing

April was celebrated as National Jazz and Poetry Appreciation Month by Lorain County Community College. Sponsored by Student Life and Dining Services, the mid-day event took place on April 30 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. All LCCC community members were invited to attend the forum and participate. Musical entertainment by the G-N-T Jazz Duo alternated with performances of the written word. Speakers included Jalisa Goodwin, Leslie Whitaker, Monica Ido, Karlton Wells, Nasira Mah-Jabeen, Jalisa Goodwin, and Austin Stambough. Emily Safron, a former LCCC student and current adjunct professor of physics and William Brest, a broadcast and video technician from IS&S, both published authors from the college, read excerpts of their books.

“Our goal was to set an atmosphere of relaxation, rejuvenation, inspiration, motivation, and empowerment that would enable students to relax so they could take a deep breath, and focus on their finals,” said Rochelle Fairley, an administrative assistant of Student Life. “We also wanted the faculty and staff to enjoy this event because they also need to be able to relax from our final obligations and responsibilities of the end of the semester.”

Students and faculty alike took in the festivities and performances conducted by their peers.

“The quality of the program, the musicians and especially the music exceeded my expectations,” said Louis Kompare, director of IS&S.

“I loved the music and appreciated listening to students share their work,”  said Innovation Fund Experiential and Work-Based Learning Specialist in Disability Services Linda Telzrow. “Very classy [and] a great presentation. I could have listened to jazz all day.”

Constance Hitchens-Robinson, an employee of Dining Services and co-host of the event, expressed her enthusiasm and pride in its success.

“Everybody taking part and participating brought me such joy,” she said. “The forum gave much-deserved recognition to the many talented people on campus.”