Kim Teodecki
Staff Writer
This spring semester, 10,626 students are currently enrolled in classes at Lorain County Community College.  Compared to the 11,542 students enrolled in the fall semester of 2014, there has been a near eight percent enrollment decrease, according to Stephanie Sutton, dean of Enrollment, Financial, and Career services at LCCC.

Research prepared by Ohio Governor John Kasich and John Carey, Ohio chancellor, showed that  between the fall of 2013 and 2014, enrollment in community colleges decreased by two percent.

Writers from Bloomberg Magazine provide possible reasons as to why enrollment could be decreasing, not only in Ohio, but on a national level as well. The number of 18-year-olds in the United States is considerably low, but not dramatically low enough to be the sole cause for decreasing enrollment, according to their website. The economy is also stated cause of the decline.

Until the end of the spring semester, LCCC stands in second place for the lowest tuition cost in community colleges across Ohio, with Cuyahoga Community College in first place.

Despite the decrease, students who choose to enroll at LCCC do so as a result of the various advantages it has to offer.

“I chose to come back to LCCC this semester because I got a scholarship and because the campus is close to [my] home,” said Valerie Connor, a second year student at LCCC. Connor continues to take classes each semester because of the benefits of the financial aid program and the “steady and low” tuition cost.

“I can always depend on [LCCC] to offer the best programs that will help my future at the lowest cost,” she said.