Alex Delaney-Gesing

Suspect vehicle  Submitted by LCCC Campus Security

Suspect vehicle
Photo courtesy of LCCC Campus Security

Three vehicles were reported to have had their catalytic converters stolen on Lorain County Community College’s campus on Feb. 23.

Two of the thefts took place in parking lot eight, while the third incident occurred in parking lot three, according to LCCC Campus Security Manager Ken Collins.

Two of the vehicles stolen from were Chevy Cavaliers and the third a Pontiac Grand Am. All thefts took place in the late morning to early afternoon. Campus Security identified the suspect vehicle as a maroon Honda Civic. The Elyria Police Department has been notified of the incidents.The investigation is ongoing.

In September of last semester, three Hondas had their catalytic converters stolen from them. The suspects were later caught and charged after being connected to similar crimes at the Cleveland Clinic.

LCCC Campus Security advises all students and faculty to be alert and aware of their surroundings and to notify the security office of any suspicious activity they may witness on campus grounds at (440) 366-4053 or (440) 366-4444.