Faculty and staff gathered to celebrate the retirement of Jackie Diederich. Alex Delaney-Gesing | The Collegian

Faculty and staff gathered to celebrate Jackie Diederich’s career at LCCC.
Alex Delaney-Gesing | The Collegian


Alex Delaney-Gesing

Over the course of the past 30 years, Lorain County Community College has seen a countless number of implementations take place. During that time period, Executive Associate and Board Liaison in LCCC president’s office Jacqueline “Jackie” Diederich played a vital role in the early concept, development, and design of some of the most transformational education and economic initiatives the college has brought to benefit the community.

From having an instrumental role in the establishment of the University Partnership program and Early College to being a key member of the leadership teams who hosted political official visits (including President Barack Obama, presidential candidates John Kerry and John McCain, to name a few), her presence has been evident.

“It’s safe to say that Jackie’s been a part of each and every milestone this institution has achieved the last 30 years,” said LCCC President Dr. Roy Church during a celebration in honor of Diederich’s retirement on Jan. 27. “Her impact may not always be seen and it may not always have been in the forefront and easily recognized, but her leadership has been influential and widespread.”

Throughout her time at LCCC, Diederich worked for and supported two presidents, nine different board members and staffed over 200 district board of trustees meetings, workshops, and special sessions, Church said.

In 2008, Diederich was awarded the You Make a Difference Award as a showcase of her dedication to the college and influential role of mentor and friend to students, faculty and administration on campus. This recognition was given with good reason.

“Jackie embodies the values, the mission and the vision of this college so much so that LCCC has become her second home and obviously she is a central part of this college’s family,” Church said.

In her resignation letter, Church shared, Diederich expressed her gratitude and fondness of working at LCCC.

“As I think back to my early days in our office, I’m sure I must have felt some of the normal anxiety anyone would have when starting something new,” she said. “ But what I remember most thinking was that I had found my niche in this office and this institution.”

As a sign of appreciation for Diederich’s allegiance and contribution to the college, a commemorative brick in her name will be placed in front of the University Center building.

It’s just an indication about how deeply appreciated she for all that she has meant to all of us,” Church said, “..we wish her a wonderful retirement, and I more than anybody else will miss her greatly.”