Kelsey Boyer
JRNM 151 student

Lorain County Community College’s Lorain Writers Society hosted an Open Mic event on Oct.7 in the College Center. Designed with the purpose of encouraging local artists to share their literary works with faculty and student audience members,

Listeners included Darrian Meadows, a current student Lorain County Community College, was one of several listeners.

“I like the idea of an open mic. It’s different. It gives people a place to express themselves.”

Allowing people the opportunity to express themselves is exactly what LWS President Austin Stambough and Vice President Brenna Shippy intended to do when they planned the open mic event, which ran from 12 to 2 p.m. in the College Center. The event consisted of numerous performances by Lorain County Community College students and included poetry reading, musical performances, and stand-up comedy.

Aside from hosting events such as this, the LWS  holds meetings every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 p.m. and provides a creative outlet for students who love the art of writing, one of the creative outlets being open mics.

Among the multiple performers were students from Distinguished Professor of the Arts Bruce Weigl’s Poetry 101 class. Weigl applauded the idea of the open mic event.

“Poetry makes it possible for a lot people to understand each other,” Weigl said.

Monica (‘Journey’)  Idom, a student of Weigl’s class, said, “Open mic events are a good idea, but I also think the setting may deter people.”

“We need to get out there and bring people in. You got the marketplace and a lot of people walking by, but if that’s a person’s first time going up on stage they might get nervous because of all the noise,” said Shippy.

Shippy and other members of Lorain Writers Society have discussed moving the open mic to the bridgeway between the library and the College Center to allow a more appropriate setting for performers to be heard. Lorain Writers Society will hold an open mic on the first Tuesday of every month and encourages all students to come out and express themselves or be apart of the audience.

Visit the Lorain Writers Society Facebook page for more details about the club and future open mic events.