Eric Close
JRNM 151 student

Lorain County Community College has always strived to better the community, but the main campus in Elyria is not the only campus the college has. LCCC has four ‘Learning Centers,’ off-campus sites hosted in different cities in Northeast Ohio. The centers include Wellington, Midpoint (located in Brunswick), UPRC in North Ridgeville and one in St. Joe’s Community Center. The latter, Lorain Learning Center, is moving to a new location this semester in hopes to better the experience for both students and faculty.

The Lorain Learning Center will be moving to downtown Lorain, in the City Center on 4th St., across from City Hall. LCCC staff realizes that many students who attend the Center walk to class, therefore transportation will be provided from St. Joe’s to the City Center until the end of the Fall Semester, for those who need it.

The new Lorain site offers classes needed for the first year of an associates degree and  they hope to add additional  courses in the near future.

Dina Ferrer, coordinator of LCCC’s St. Joseph Learning Center, has held two Q&A presentations open for students enrolled at LCCC consisting of discussions involving the upcoming changes and answering any questions that are presented. Overall students seemed all for the move, and happy that the college will be aiding students who need the transportation aide.

“It will be something new and there will be better resources for the students.” LCCC student Ismael Rodriguez said .

The move is being overseen by Ferrer and LCCC Marketing Director Cindy Kushner. Kushner attended the first Q&A at St. Joe’s and commented on the reasoning behind the center’s move.

“[We’re moving St. Joe’s] because it will be a better, cleaner, environment for students to learn,” Kushner said.

“We look forward to bettering students’ experiences and hearing about any other programs we could add to help them finish their degrees,” Ferrer said.

The Lorain Center move will be completed by and classes will commence on Nov. 3.

For more information regarding this feel free to call the office at 440-366-4500.