Olivia Moe | The Collegian

Olivia Moe | The Collegian

Olivia Moe
Sports Editor

Despite the sun coming out in time for the Lorain County Community College men’s soccer game, the match did not end in favor of  the Commodores.

The LCCC Men’s Soccer team fell to Lakeland Community College during their game on Thursday Oct. 17, with a score of 2-4. This makes the team’s record 2-13 before their last game of the season,taking place next week at Penn State New Kensington in Pennsylvania.

“Our players were disappointed with the results, just as anyone is after losing a game,” replied head coach Marcus Wagner on the outcome of Thursday’s game. However, the results were impressive in spite of fewer players due to injuries.

“With the amount of players we had missed for the game, I feel we actually played quite well.” Wagner added.

The mud and puddles on the field had both teams slipping and sliding to the ground, but they always got back up. At one point a member of the Lakeland CC team exclaimed, “I hit the damn puddle!” towards the end of the game.

“It definitely helped that it stopped raining and that it was nice and warm out,” Wagner added when questioned about the weather conditions, “The puddles actually helped our team a few times because it would stop the ball and allow us to get into position.”

Regardless of the score, the loss did not stop the team’s motive to succeed in the final home game of the 2014 season.

The team showed great teamwork when it came to plays. These included Eric Armstrong, Marcus Schmitz and Chad Kisel. Other mentionable players include co-captain Stephan Fetcko, Tome Wynne, and goalkeepers Alex Coker and Jacob Miller.

“We just wanted to go out there and have fun during our last home game of the season. And we definitely did that.” Wagner added in regards to one of his goals of  building a closer team over the season. “Our goal every year is to have fun, and we achieved that.”