Alex Delaney-Gesing | The Collegian

Alex Delaney-Gesing | The Collegian

Olivia Moe
Sports Editor

“Two good teams slugging it out,” replied head coach Ted Whitsel about the match of the Lorain County Community College Commodores and the Lakeland Community College Lakers.

As a silent wave, the Lady Lakers flooded into the Ewing Center gym on Oct.15, but quickly filled the room with tsunami-like sounds of cheering, sideline coaching and victory cries the LCCC team is becoming known for.

“We’re on our home court today and we hung in on our court and gave our fans something to cheer for,”  Whitsel stated after the game.

LCCC rebounded from a loss in the first set, 20-25, with the following three sets, scoring 25-16 in the second, 25-13 in the third and 25-22 in the fourth.

The first set was steady in competition, but the Lakers took off after the timeout. Coach Whitsel made sure though that the girls knew where they were needed and what they needed to be doing in order to help with the next few sets to come.

And he, along with the fans was not to be disappointed with the results.

The second set proved beneficial when outside and right hitter Gabby Woods, outside hitter Danya Corlew entered the game and the rest of the team produced one of the best sets of the match.

The third and fourth sets surely followed in suit.

“It was five (sets) the first time we played them,” Whitsel commented in regards to the Lakers and their recent history.

Lakeland Community College has currently been 25th in the NJCAA conference in matches, and 13th in sets and kills, which have been comparable in standings with LCCC for the majority of the season.

 “I think we’ve improved and they’ve improved.” Whitsel added.

Notable moves by the Lady Commodores included 17 kills by Woods (from Brookside) and Kady Whitsel, a right side setter (also from Brookside) who aided the team with a combined total of 41 assists.

Last but not least, notable contributions included 25 digs from Paige Elias, a defense specialist from Brunswick and Kara Szabo, a middle blocker, who contributed with 12 kills.

“I thought Lakeland played well, as we knew they would,” added Whitsel on the Lakers, who kept the crowd in suspense a few times, due to the amazing segments of time that both teams kept the ball over the net.

In addition to an eventful match, there was time before the game where Lady Commodores’ team members Katlynne Baker, (a defense specialist and outside hitter) and Rachael Bolmeyer( also a defense specialist), were acknowledged for their achievements in the classroom through the NJCAA. Hannah Pinkie, one other team member, was acknowledged for her contributions as well.

Come support the team at this season’s final home game on Oct. 22 against Owens Community College before they travel to Columbus State,Cincinnati State and then onto the playoffs in Butler, PA and Rochester, MN!