Alex Delaney-Gesing
Assistant Editor

8/28/14– A 21-year-old female reported her phone missing after leaving the device in her book bag prior to entering Commodore Books & More. Security identified the suspect through the CCTV system and confronted a 39-year-old male. The suspect initially denied the theft but a later consented search of his vehicle led to the discovery of the missing phone in the glove compartment. He was taken into custody and convicted of petty theft.

8/29/14– A male student alleged to have $160 stolen from his locker while using the PE Fitness Center. Victim claimed another male in the room stole the money from his wallet. Suspect was confronted but denied any involvement. As per regulations of no cameras admitted in restrooms or locker rooms, the suspect was never positively confirmed.

9/17/14– A red flash drive was reported as stolen by a female student in the iLoft building. Victim claims the device went missing on 9/15 and was later seen on the key chain of an unidentified male on the first floor of the same building. The investigation is currently active.

9/17/14– Female student reported her apple iphone missing from a study room of the iLoft building. Victim claimed she and a fellow student left the room and returned to find the device missing. By that time, another student was in the room. When questioned by security, the student claimed to have no knowledge of the missing device. The investigation is ongoing.

9/20/14– On 9/18, a female student reported a bag stolen from the HS building. The victim forgot the bag when she went to class, but discovered it missing upon return after class. Security reviewed footage of the area and discovered the bag was taken and disposed of in the restroom by an unidentified woman.

9/22/14– Two car magnets were reported as stolen by a female in the parking lot closest to the PC building. Security reviewed footage of the lot but were unable to positively ascertain the presence of the magnets before their alleged disappearance due to low video resolution.

9/24/14Р Upon shutting the Growth Partnership Learning Center, an IS&S employee reported to Campus Security that three laptops were discovered to be missing. No suspects have been found.

9/30/14– An LCCC employee emailed the Campus Security Director that an iPad was stolen in the UC building. It was later found in a classroom within the building.