Photo by Alex Delaney-Gesing | The Collegian

Photo by Alex Delaney-Gesing | The Collegian

Karl Schneider

As election day grows closer, Governor John Kasich stopped at Lorain County Community College for a brief meet and greet on Oct. 11. During his speech, he put an emphasis on Ohio job growth and the importance of workforce training.

Praising LCCC President Dr. Roy Church as a role model for college presidents, Kasich commended the efforts of LCCC for giving students the training and skills to secure a job following graduation.

“We know what the in-demand jobs are and we know what you have to do to get one of those jobs,” Kasich said. “[Church] is one of the people that is front and center of every meeting with the big universities.”

Church and LCCC are one of the few schools in the state to work with students on an individual basis to keep them on track for graduation, according to Kasich.

“When students come here and walk in the door, particularly if they don’t know what they want to do, [Church] assigns them a human being to be their guardian angel. They work with them to get them into something they might want to do. It doesn’t happen like that in most schools in the state. [Church] is a leader in the effort to change that system,” Kasich explained.

LCCC is working to reform a dual enrollment program. The program allows qualified high school students to take a college course and get both high school and college credit simultaneously.

“It’s a great way for students to not only get a head start on college, but also to save a significant amount of money,” Church said before Kasich’s speech. “Last year alone, Lorain County Community College delivered 20,000 college credit hours to high school students in our 16 school districts in Lorain County, saving their parents 3.5 million dollars.”

While Kasich believes seeking monetary success is valuable, he notes that compassion should also motivate students. The basic fundamental values of resilience, respect and personal responsibility are being eroded, he claims.

“I want our guidance counselors to be in our schools working with our kids. I want the faith based community, the church, I want the business community to be able to get together and adopt a school and go into that school and work with our kids to build them up, love them, guide them, teach them and impart those values.”

He further stated ,“We need to engage ourselves in these great communities and be able to transfer our values. And when we’re doing that and combining that with the programs like [Church] has [at LCCC], we can start having success.”