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Olivia Moe | The Collegian

Olivia Moe
Sports Editor

The growing amount of Lorain County Community College spectators and fans were treated to a suspenseful, anticipating and deafening match this weekend.

The Lady Commodores met their match on the court against Columbus State Community College on Oct. 3 with close first and second set scores of 25-22, 25-14 that favored LCCC and then third, fourth and fifth sets of 14-25, 16-25 and 13-15 that favored Columbus’ Lady Cougars.

The first set began with the deafening battle cries of both teams, forcing spectators to wait and speak to the person next to them until the roars receded. Danya Corlew, LCCC’s outside hitter was dominate in her serves throughout the set. Her energy and ferocious motivation to win was contagious. This showed in the set ending in 25-22 in favor of the Lady Commodores.

The second set was as steady as the first, with anticipation building from the saves and assists from both teams. The Lady Commodores took the lead after the first time out with a score of 10-5 and hardly looked back, leaving the Lady Cougars in the dust with a score of 25-14.

“The first two sets were flawless,” Head Coach Ted Whitsel described at the end ofthe game. “We got so many second opportunities for defense bumps. But they’re 17- 0 for a reason.”

The third, fourth and fifth sets didn’t work out for the Lady Commodores, however they did their best until the very end.

“I thought we played hard,” added Whitsel, about the scores. “I thought we never gave up in any game, even though we might have been down a lot. We kept fighting, that’s all you can ask for.”

Team members such as right side setter Kady Whitsel, ride side setter Gabby Woods and defense specialist Paige Elias were on point with their skills, with Whitsel having 35 assists, Woods with 20 kills and five blocks, and Elias with 25 digs and three aces.

The team is now in a second place tie in the division after the game, but this has not brought them down, but instead motivated them to continue strong into the next set of away games against teams like Cuyahoga Community College, Edison Community College and Sinclair Community College, which the Commodores have beaten in previous games this season.

The Lady Commodores have two more home games left this season on Oct. 15, against Lakeland Community College and Oct. 22, against Owens Community College.