Olivia Moe
Sports Editor


Devin Bray, 18, a freshman at Lorain County Community College is a middle hitter for LCCC’s volleyball team. A native of Lorain County and a graduate of Lorain

High School, Bray sat for an interview about her plans here on campus, for the team, about the future and some things that she does off the court.

Olivia Moe: How long have you played volleyball?

Devin Bray: I decided to play volleyball because I was just drawn to it. As a kid I went to every Lorain Admiral King volleyball game supporting my cousins and I just loved it. I’d watch the teams and I wanted to be like them.

OM: Did you play in middle school or high school?

DB: I started playing volleyball in the seventh grade and I was an outside hitter until I got to the 11th grade. I played volleyball all four years in high school.My high school coaches thought that I did so much better as a middle, and that’s what I played the rest of my high school career. I never played other sports. I tried basketball once, and while I’m not terrible at it, it’s just not my thing.

OM: Why did you continue to play in college?

DB: I continued to play volleyball in college because I love it, I can’t imagine life without volleyball at this point.

OM: What would you personally like to improve on as a player from the previous season?

DB: I’m looking forward to growing as a player. I’d like to improve on my blocking, I want to be able to block everything!

OM: Are there any particular role models you have (on or off the court)?

DB: Jordan Larson who played on the U.S. Olympic team, I think she’s amazing!Along with April Ross and Kerri Walsh who play sand volleyball for the US, I look at them and I aspire to be like them. They’re all dedicated, hardworking, great players and I love it.

OM: Is there a specific team you are looking forward to playing this season?

DB: There isn’t a specific team that I’m looking forward to playing, I’m just looking forward to a great season.

OM: What is your favorite professional team or player?

DB: Favorite player, April Ross. I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite team, but I do watch a lot of NCAA women’s college volleyball. Along with professional sand volleyball.

OM: What do you plan on doing after LCCC academically?

DB: As of right now I don’t plan on transferring from LCCC, but I’m not sure. I guess we’ll see.

OM: What advice would you give to players that are going to join this year’s team, or play volleyball for the first time in general?

DB: If I had any advice for players planning to join the team I’d say to stay positive and confident in yourself and your talents. Come in here and work hard, be a scrappy player, hit as hard as you can but still try to have fun. For all of those first time players, it’s a great sport but it requires a lot of hard work and you’ve got to be willing to give it your all but once again, have fun!

OM: What are some things you like to do outside of school and off the court?

DB: Outside of school and volleyball I work and I just like to have fun. I love being around my friends, laughing. I love to laugh, just hanging out.

OM: What is something you find interesting about yourself that most people wouldn’t know, and that you would like them to know?

DB: Something interesting about me that wouldn’t know is that I’m very artistic. I love to draw and make crafty things, especially with my mom.

OM: What is your favorite junk food, TV Show, music genre or artist?

DB: My favorite junk foods would have to be pizza and brownies! I like too many TV shows to even pick a favorite. I listen to every kind of music.