Kelsey Boyer
JRNM 151 student

“Reading helps you learn about other cultures and it relaxes you. You’re a student and have a lot going on, so it helps you wind down at night,” said LCCC Librarian Bethany Miller, who admitted she doesn’t read as often as she’d like.
According to Miller’s research around 3,000 books were checked out of the school library each month during the 2011-2012 school year which is few considering that about 13,000 people are enrolled at the college. The total percent of college students who will never read a book after they graduate is a startling 42%, according to, but there are numerous reasons you should reconsider reading outside of your school text books.
Reading contributes tremendously to your education by broadening vocabulary, improving grammatical skills, and expanding knowledge in all aspects of life. Anne E. Cunningham’s, professor of education at the University of California, Berkeley and Keith E. Stanovich’s, a professor of applied psychology at the University of Toronto/Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, research shows that reading enhances vocabulary and more specifically the knowledge of rare words. The average amount of rare words one will find when reading an adult book is 52.7 words per 1000 according to Cunningham and Stanovich. This means through reading you will broaden your vocabulary which not only benefits your education, but your general knowledge as well.
Evan Mertz, a Computer Information Systems major at LCCC, said “reading books other than text books is beneficial because it relates to life a little better for me, and I like reading something that makes me think deeply”.
Aside from bettering your education and knowledge, reading offers a break from tiring school work as well. A study conducted by Dr. David Lewis of Sussex University in 2009 titled, “Galaxy Stress Research”, showed that “reading was proved: 68% better at reducing stress levels than listening to music ; 100% more effective than drinking a cup of tea; 300% better than going for a walk; and 700% more than playing video games”.        Juggling school work, a job, and a social life can make finding time to read quite difficult, but the next time you lay down for a nap or begin to scroll through social media consider taking ten minutes to look inside a book instead because you might be surprised at what you will find.