Alex Delaney-Gesing
Features Editor

 Since 1993, Lorain County Community College has held the fun-filled “Family Fest” each October, a day-long event full of food, games, music, trick-or-treating and so much more for students and community members. This year however, the annual event has been cancelled.

“As part of a six-month long ‘Transformations’ campus engagement process, it was decided upon to save funds,” Cindy Kushner, director of marketing and outreach initiatives said.

The ‘Transformations’ process was designed by the LCCC administration to ensure the entire campus is engaged in an in-depth review of our current funding and programs to best align with the strategic priorities of the college, according to Kushner.

Typically, the annual Family Fest costs LCCC $20,000 to host, from advertising, cost of generators, permits, tent and equipment rentals. By saving on these costs, more time and attention can be focused on the college’s teaching, learning and student support services.

In lieu of the fest, LCCC will continue to actively expand on connecting with the outside community as well as the thousands of kindergarten to high school age students who typically attend as well as volunteer for the much anticipated event of the season.

 Although there will be no festival this year, the college hopes to interact with the community and students of all ages through, “…college and career-related open houses and symposiums that we [the college] has developed and strengthened as part of our Student Success Agenda,” Kushner said.

Events held throughout the school year that promote LCCC’s desire to remain connected with students of all ages as well as community members include the various Stocker Arts Center programs, activities and performances hosted each month, the ‘Believe in Ohio’ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Day in October geared towards high school students and sponsored by the state of Ohio on campus, Global Entrepreneur Week activities in November, and the Level Up Conference (for those interested in computer games, simulations and design) in May, to name just a few.

News of this year’s cancelled Family Fest has caused reactions of disappoint from students and faculty: “It’s unfortunate,” said Stacy Mitchell, an academic advisor in enrollment and financial services division and annual Family Fest volunteer. “I hope it returns.”

Student Life student worker Charles Nichols, an organizational supervision major feels that, “I do hope they bring the Fest back, I like it and will miss it this year.”

Although there are plenty of opportunities for the community and LCCC to connect with one another in the coming months, the annual Family Fest this year will surely be missed.