Special to The Collegian

Commodore Books & More, Lorain County Community College’s bookstore, presented certificates of appreciation to full- and part-time staff members on Aug. 1. The bookstore also presented certificates to returning student workers. The certificates presented recognized the workers for going Above and Beyond during the 2013-14 school year. Patty Clark, general manager of the bookstore, hosted the employee recognition program.

John Bailey (top left), Lisa Thomas (right), and Tom Oates (bottom left) were the three full-time employees of Commodore Books & More to be awarded trophies for "Going Above and Beyond".

John Bailey (top left), Lisa Thomas (right), and Tom Oates (bottom left) were the three full-time employees of Commodore Books & More to be awarded trophies for “Going Above and Beyond”.

The program began with a welcome speech by Tom Hayes, Lorain County Community College’s Vice President of Administrative Services Treasurer. Hayes spoke about his father who owned a hardware store and the lessons he passed on to him. “Good customer service begins before the customer even walks into your store,” he told the gathering. “First impressions count more than you know because you only have one chance to make one.” Greeting customers as they come in and making sure they know they can ask for help tells customers that the staff cares about their business and values their patronage.

Clark then welcomed everyone to the event. She told the employees and invited guests about her passion for her position as manager of the college and how she had always wanted to be a part of this college. Using an example from the movie, Field of Dreams, she said, “‘If you build it, they will come.’ But this just doesn’t mean the physical aspects of the store but also the attitude and teamwork of the staff. By building a core of congeniality and going above and beyond the expectations of customers, a business—our business—can ensure that our customers will return again and again.”

Invited guests included store partners, such as staff from Information Systems & Services, the Midpoint Outreach Center, and Blackstone Launchpad. Representatives were awarded certificates for the assistance they have provided to the bookstore.

Employees were given certificates for a variety of special initiatives and programs that the store hosted over the previous two years. These included: the November 2013 Levy campaign, Family Fest, National Student Day, the “Live Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness and “Harvest for Hunger” fund-raising projects, the Supervisory Leadership Institute, Alpha Measures, and Commencement.

Bookstore staff members were also praised for the exemplary jobs they have done within the store as part of their regular work. These included: working with Project Search, hiring and training student workers, physical inventory, graduation ceremony, Apple certifications, and increasing the level of service provided at the computer service center.

Three full-time employees also received trophies for “Going Above and Beyond” their job responsibilities last year. John Bailey in receiving, Tom Oates in textbooks, and Lisa Thomas in general merchandise were given crystal trophies as tokens of special appreciation by the general manager.

After a picnic-style dinner, newly hired student workers were also welcomed to the store and brought up-to-date on the theme for next year’s recognition program—“Making a Difference.” A video on customer service was shown called “Give em the Pickle” by Bob Farrell. Staff responsible for core:tech, textbooks, customer service and cashiering went over essential information about how to best serve the returning students and how to prepare for the busy weeks to come.