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Ever since I was little, I secretly wanted to be a model. Like most children I would strut down the halls in my mom’s heels even though they were so big that they swallowed my feet.  Except, I would do it sneakily. Tiny me was already ashamed at having such narcissistic aspirations.

I was attracted to the idea of becoming a character. I see modeling as a kind of stand-still acting. This has rung more true for me now that I do it professionally. In Oct. 2011, I decided to go to my first open-call. In my mind, I was thinking “what the heck, at least I’ll say I tried”. Much to my surprise, the agency called me back the next day. I’ve been with the Docherty agency ever since. Every time I have a job, I take it as an opportunity to become the character the client wants. It’s been a really fun few years and I’ve met wonderful local artists along the way.

So far, I haven’t tripped on the runway or anything too crazy. I’ve done everything from walking in runway shows that doubled as fundraisers for a cause to simply modeling with dogs where I was told to walk and play with pups.

My most exciting job thus far was my campaign for Rue 21. I drove out to Pittsburgh where they put me up in a hotel. I already love hotels (free breakfast, elevators, etc.) but when it’s free … it’s even sweeter. We worked for two full days and the pictures were put up at Rue 21 mall locations all across the U.S. The next couple months I would get texts from friends standing in front of my picture … it was pretty cool.

Modeling isn’t who I am, and it isn’t something I go out of my way to bring up, but it has presented wonderful opportunities to me right here in my hometown. If you want something, don’t let location discourage you. I have been surprised by all Cleveland has to offer for models and artists alike.

Here’s to hoping my “no-tripping” record remains.