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After three weeks of postponement, candidate applications for Student Senate are still unofficial. The senate holds seven chairs and six applications for candidacy have been received, according to estimates from a Student Life official.

The senate candidates were supposed to be announced by April 14 with full campaigns scheduled to start on April 21. A meet and greet was then proposed for 11 a.m. on April 23 in the College Commons, according to the Student Senate election website. At the time of this report, the senate stopped accepting applications on April 25.

The current senate has seen the absence of a president and weathered a resignation in its short, yearlong tenure over the student body. Current senate members have been unavailable for comment regarding the delays in elections.

Election days are still scheduled to take place April 28 through May 2, according to the senate’s website. If the election deadlines are not pushed back, vying candidates will not have any campaign days before elections start.

With only six applications received, each senate candidate will run unopposed.

The announcement of the election results is scheduled for May 5 with a two-day buffer for run-off elections. Student Senate inductions are to take place at 12 p.m. May 14 in the College Commons.

The Student Senate elections webpage can be found on LCCC’s homepage (lorainccc.edu). Once on the homepage, click the ‘Student Life’ link near the bottom of the homepage. At the Student Life page, the election information can be found by clicking the ‘Student Senate election’ link on the left hand column.

The page state all dates are subject to change and any updates can be found at the Office of Student Life in the College Commons or on the same webpage they are listed. No changes have been made in relation to the delays at press time.

The web page directs all questions and comments to the Office of Student Life at 440-366-4036.

Karl, editor of The Collegian, can be reached at k.schneider2@lorainccc.edu.